We’re getting ready for the new season!

We’ve closed down for February here at Crosbie Towers. As well as venturing out to meet you all at the Scottish Caravan show, we’re making sure that everything on site is spick and span ready to welcome our guests back in March. We’re hoping the weather will have improved a bit by then too!

In the meantime, we’re checking that the torrential rain hasn’t washed away anything important; you’ll be pleased to hear that all the vans are still securely in place. We’re going to be checking the play equipment too. Whatever the weather, kids always have energy to burn so they can get out on the swings when they get here. The level of the stream has risen so at least the ducks are happy. If anyone else fancies a swim you might be better off at Vikingar! in Largs.

Despite the weather, we still feel very lucky to be here, surrounded by trees and fields. The views out over the Firth of Clyde are a bit misty now but that will soon change.

If you’ve been thinking about owning your own caravan and joining us for the season, we still have a few caravans for sale. Two of them are brand new and unused, an ABI Trieste, which has a limited time money off of over £1,500, and a Victory Sandhurst with a whopping £4,000 off! They’re both 12 feet wide, have two bedrooms and come complete with double glazing and central heating so you can stay cosy inside while you wait for it to get a bit warmer outside.

We also have some pre owned caravans to choose from, ranging from the 10ft Willerby Summer, which still has enough space for three bedrooms, to our beautiful executive models. These include the Willerby Vogue, which has two bedrooms and is particularly luxurious inside, as is the three bedroom ABI Sunrise which has recently been newly upholstered. If you’re on a budget, the two bedroom Cosalt Rivera is a lovely caravan and perfect if you already enjoy caravan holidays and are looking to give ownership a try.

If you or one of your family are wheelchair users you might be thinking that caravan holidays aren’t for you, but you’d be surprised. We have the Atlas Ruby Super which has two bedrooms and is fully wheelchair accessible.

We know we’re biased, but we don’t think you could choose a better spot. The scenery here is stunning even when it’s throwing down with rain and there is plenty to do no matter what the weather does.

Have a great February and we look forward to seeing you soon.