We love Easter almost as much as Christmas.  The weather here is so unpredictable at the moment we don’t know if we’ll get sun, rain or even snow!  Whatever happens, we’re already seeing the first signs of spring and its making us feel much more cheerful.

If you have any children about they’re going to be excited about the prospect of lots and lots of chocolate.  Of course, that applies to a lot of the adults as well!  But we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell you about some other ways you could celebrate Easter while you’re here.

Church services

Whilst a lot of Easter traditions hark back to our Pagan ancestry, we know that for a lot of you it is first and foremost a time to reflect and attend services at our local churches.

West Kilbride Parish Church is part of the Church of Scotland and celebrates Presbyterian services.  There are Roman Catholic churches in West Kilbride, Ardrossan and Saltcoats; St Bride’s, St Peter in Chains and St Mary’s.  St Andrews is an Episcopal church in Ardrossan.  Each church has its own website or just ask us if you’d like any details.

The Easter Feast

However you celebrate Easter, food has a big part to play and we all look forward to hot cross buns on Good Friday and a dinner of roast lamb on Easter Sunday.  That said, it seems as if the shops start selling hot cross buns and Easter eggs as soon as the Christmas decorations are down!

We have fond memories of making edible nests for mini Easter eggs.  It’s great fun to get the kids involved in doing this as they’re so easy to do.  Just combine some melted chocolate with either cornflakes or Rice Krispies and leave them to set in your fridge.  The kids will love getting messy but you might have a disagreement over who gets to lick the spoon.

Rolling the Eggs

You’ve probably already heard about the tradition of decorating hard boiled eggs for Easter, but have you ever rolled one?  We’ve never heard of anyone doing this outside Scotland so we’re going to claim it as a Scottish tradition.

It’s said that rolling the egg was supposed to symbolise rolling the stone away from Christ’s tomb on Easter Sunday.  All you need to do is find a fairly gentle hill, roll your egg from the top and chase it down.  That’s why you can’t choose anything too steep – we don’t want you coming back with a broken ankle.  Finding a hill shouldn’t be too difficult around here if you want to have a go.  Egg rolling is a great way to get your family out into the fresh air and you could even take a picnic if the weather’s fine.

Hand painting eggs

We’ve heard that people have coloured eggs as far back as ancient Persia, where they were coloured red to represent new flowers.  In Scotland they used to gather whin blossoms and other coloured plants to boil up and colour their eggs.  These days you might prefer to use paint or set the younger family members loose with their crayons.

Celebrate like a Viking

If you’ve been to visit Vikingar! in Largs and fancy adopting some Norse traditions you could try trick or treating.  In Sweden they believe that the witches gather on Maundy Thursday and children go from house to house asking for sweets.  A much simpler way to celebrate would be to watch a murder mystery, which is popular in Norway.

However you celebrate Easter, we hope you enjoy yourselves.  A happy Easter from us!