Your co-operation in observing and obeying the undernoted is requested. These rules are dictated by our Park Operators Licence, Insurance and Legal considerations and will ensure the safety and enjoyment of all Park users. Customers and visitors using the Park, its facilities and grounds, are bound by these Rules. Any breach in the following may result in termination of the Licence Agreement, resulting in notice to vacate the Park.

  1. Access to the Park. The proprietors and their agents reserve the right to refuse admission to the Park, with the exception of the Caravan Owner, to all third parties and they may be requested to leave the Park without any reason being given.
  2. Liability. The proprietors will not accept liability for the person or property of anyone using the Park. Whilst every effort will be made to give adequate supervision on the park, especially when the caravans are unoccupied during the winter, the Park Owner will not be liable for theft or damage to a caravan unless it is caused by The Park or its employees
  3. Relatives or Friends are allowed to use Owners Holiday Homes, but they must be made aware of these Park Rules.
  4. Sub Letting is not permitted in the Holiday Home. The caravan may not be hired under any circumstances and it is understood that the caravan is only to be used as a holiday home.
  5. Open Fires are not allowed in any area of the Park. Barbecues and proprietary Fire Pits may be used subject to stringent fire safety precautions being observed and prior permission being obtained. Fires and BBQ’s should not cause any annoyance to neighbours and should not be lit if the wind conditions will cause any smoke nuisance to anyone around. If they have been lit and start to cause a problem they MUST be extinguished immediately.
  6. Motor Vehicles using the Park must observe the speed limit of 10 mph. Children can be around at all times and care must always be taken.
    We would remind you that Drinking and Driving in the Park is an offence under the relevant sections of the Road Traffic Act and you can be arrested and charged if driving with excess alcohol in your system. Remember the Legal Limit.
  7. Pets are allowed on the Park. Pets must be kept under control always and in the case of dogs, on a lead at all times on the Park. All fouling within the park should be cleaned in an appropriate manner. This applies on the wooded area of the Park also. Anyone persistently abusing this rule will be asked to remove the pet from the Park. It may also result in termination of site Agreement and the Caravan being removed.
  8. Children. It is the responsibility of parents to know where their children are at all times and what they are doing. They are not permitted to play in the Residents Area of the Park or in the Laundry Building. We also ask that you explain to them it is not permitted to cut through other owner’s pitch areas. (Adults please note the last point too)
  9. Laundry facilities are provided. Washing lines or rotary clothes dryers are permitted, but steps must be taken to ensure they are as discreet as possible. They must not be concreted into the ground
  10. Flowers must not be picked at any time. Children must not damage flowers either.
  11. Games must be confined to the play area. Ball games are not permitted in areas adjacent to Caravans. Air pistols, rifles & catapults are not permitted in any area of the Site.
  12. Building Works. No building work whatsoever outside the caravan is permitted unless by permission of management. This includes laying of slabs. Fences and decking may not be erected without prior permission and no concreting of posts will be permitted. Any unauthorised work will be dismantled, and a charge made for reinstatement.
  13. Recycling. Every effort must be made to recycle refuse where possible. We have a large recycling facility which is clearly marked with all manner of items which can be disposed of in the blue containers. General refuse MUST NOT however be put in the recycling bins. Failure to observe this may result in withdrawal of Site Licence Agreement.
  14. Rubbish Disposal. Rubbish must be deposited inside the Tracy Skips and the lids replaced. For the disposal of large items, contact the Office. For disposal of larger items such as fridges, freezers, decks then please contact NAC Local Services.
  15. Car Repairs other than those of an emergency nature are not to be carried out at the Caravan or in the Car Parks. Cars may not be stored for any reason on the Park. Any vehicle causing an obstruction may be removed with any resultant charges due by the car owner. Crosbie Towers accept no liability in the event of damage to any such vehicle.
  16. Noise. TV’s sound systems and any musical instruments are NOT to be used to the annoyance of other Park users. They should not be audible to other Park users between 11.00 p.m. & 8.00 a.m. The club will cease playing music at 12 Midnight.
  17. T.V. Aerials and Satellite Dishes are permitted externally. Care must be taken when installing Dishes. If in doubt, please contact office. Crosbie Towers will not be liable for any damage to Sky Dishes, Aerials or cabling no matter how it is caused.
  18. Parking or Stopping must be in the Parking areas provided. Extra care must be taken in busy Pedestrian Areas. Please be aware of children at all times throughout the Park.
  19. Decks must be well maintained at all times. They must be built using proper construction materials i.e. proper decking boards, and to a professional standard. We reserve the right to require you to upgrade or alter or indeed remove decking if it does not comply.
  20. Water Pipes, Cables and Electric Boxes must not be tampered with in any circumstances. This is highly dangerous and could have serious consequences. Any breach of this condition will result in immediate termination of the Licence Agreement and the removal of the caravan from the Park.
  21. Bulk Gas and Gas Cylinders. Fire and safety regulations stipulate only two cylinders per caravan, and these should be properly secured and upright at all times. Fire and Safety Regulations stipulate that the Caravan Owner is legally bound to have a Gas Safety Check carried out each year. This must be done by a GAS SAFE Registered Installer and a copy of a current and valid certificate must be supplied to the office each year. The only cylinders permitted on site are those of CALOR GAS. The vents in caravans must not be blocked. A working fire extinguisher must always be kept in the caravan.
  22. Water Drain Down. It is the duty and responsibility of every Owner to ensure that the water is drained down and turned off at the tap under the caravan when closing the caravan at the end of the Season. If required, our Drain Down service is available for this at a nominal charge. However, if the Owner intends to do this himself, a member of our Staff will show the Owner the correct procedure for doing so, free of charge. We regret we will not drain vans with Central Heating. Owners using their caravans throughout the winter period should drain down and turn off the Water tap if they intend to leave their Caravan unattended. Please contact the Office for free advice and instructions if you are unsure about drain down. We advise water is turned off at the tap after each visit and drained down in the winter months.It is also required under these rules that any owner on a credit scheme must arrange for the caravan to be drained by Crosbie Towers unless they intend to use the caravan in the winter and accept full responsibility for any damage occurring to the caravan.
  23. Caravan Insurance. Your caravan is required to be adequately Insured against loss or damage to at least the current value of the caravan and 5 million liability as explained in the site licence agreement. A copy of insurance is required annually to be handed to the office. Charges apply if caravan is insured by a non-introduced insurer. If you have difficulty obtaining cover, we can advise of the various options available to you.
  24. Licence Conditions. It is a condition of the Park Operators Licence that under no circumstances can the Pitch number of a Holiday caravan on this Park be used as a customer’s permanent address, nor can any monetary claim be made from it e.g. D.H.S.S. and Housing Benefit, Council Tax, applications for rented Local Authority accommodation etc.
  25. Park Access. We are open 11 months closed February.  This means you can come and go from your Holiday Home anytime during the 1st of March to the 31st of January.
    You can enter the park in February in daylight hours between 9am and 3.30pm MondayFriday and 10am -3.30pm Saturday-Sunday to check or do any work on your holiday home.  Please note you cannot stay in your holiday home overnight in the month of February. During the winter months certain sections of the park may be closed off for safety reasons.  For example, in Snowy or Icy conditions certain areas will have restricted access to vehicles.  You may be able to access your holiday home by foot.
  26. Gas Test Certification. From 1st April 2015, in line with new safety legislation, it is a condition of sale that all caravans must have their gas appliances tested annually and hold a valid certificate, a copy of which must be supplied to the office. In addition, individual owners are required to have adequate Insurance Cover. All owners are required to have the caravan and appliance’s certificated on a yearly basis as per site licence agreement.
  27. Residence. The caravan and Park Address is to be used as a holiday home only, and as such under no circumstances whatsoever can Crosbie Towers be used as a permanent address. This does not apply to full time residents living in designated Park Homes.
  28. Abandonment. In the event of a caravan being abandoned by a caravan owner, the park owner shall be entitled to disconnect the caravan and remove it from its pitch and subsequently shall be entitled to dispose of the caravan by whatever means the park owner deems fit, in which event disconnection fees and disposal fees shall be payable by the caravan owner to the park owner at the current rate applicable at the time. Rates shall be made available to caravan owners upon application to the site office. The park owner shall have sole discretion as to when a caravan has been abandoned. Without prejudice to the foregoing generality, a caravan shall be deemed to have been abandoned in the following circumstances: –
    • when site fees are in arrears for a period in excess of 3 months.
    • when a caravan has not been occupied for a continuous period of 3 months between the months of April and October in any year,
    • when a caravan reaches the end of its reasonable life, as to which the park owner shall have sole discretion and as a consequence of which is in a poor condition.
  29. Caravan Owners are responsible for all security matters relating to the caravan. We suggest that when the caravan is unused that all valuables are removed, or at least put out of sight. We also suggest leaving the curtains open showing no valuables in view and for longer periods where the caravan is empty, place a notice in the window stating that: “ALL VALUABLES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THIS CARAVAN” or similar.
  30. Caravan and Pitch. Owners are solely responsible for the external appearance of the caravan and its pitch. These must be kept clean and tidy at all times. It is a requirement that the grass area of your pitch be cut regularly and if it becomes necessary, we will advise if the Caravan or pitch requires attention. If this is not rectified within 7 days, we reserve the right to carry out whatever works we deem necessary and bill the owner accordingly.
  31. The Park Rules are reviewed regularly, and any changes will be displayed on the park notice board and notified in writing to all owners.